Island of Golf

Explore golfing bliss in Bali’s scenic courses. Perfect your swing amidst lush landscapes and breathtaking views. Whether a novice or pro, Bali’s golfing experience combines challenge with tropical serenity. Elevate your game in paradise.

Landmark & Excursions

Uluwatu Temple, a Bali spiritual pillar atop a 70m cliff, boasts Indian Ocean views, magical sunsets, and daily Kecak dances. Balinese architecture, gates, forests, and guardian monkeys enhance its allure. Taman Seminyak Suites partners with a trusted Travel Management Company for seamless Bali-wide tour arrangements, including ticketing, VIP services, transfers, and documents. Embark on a 35-minute drive from Taman Seminyak Suites to experience the enchantment of Uluwatu Temple.

In-Room Dining

Experience culinary delight with our In-Room Dining. Enjoy a curated comfort food menu delivered directly to your accommodation, offering convenience and tailored to satisfy every craving.

Floating Breakfast

Energize your morning with our Floating Breakfast. Enjoy a delightful meal served in the privacy of your pool for a comfortable start to your day.

Private Yoga

Immerse yourself in our In-Room Private Yoga, where experienced instructors guide you through personalized sessions, enhancing your well-being within the comfort of your accommodation.

In-Room Balinese Massage

Elevate your relaxation with our In-Room Balinese Massage. Experience the rejuvenating touch of skilled therapists in the comfort of your own space. Let the essence of Bali unfold as you unwind with this personalized and soothing massage.